Путешествия в Китай, Пекин, Вэйхай...Hi! My name is Liu Feng and I will be your guide through the pages of this site, and if you want, even on the territory of China. 

Five main sections of the site - "Hainan", "Beijing", "Dalian", "Weihai", "Beidaihe" - include information about the five tourist areas, four of which are the seaside resorts.  The "Other"section includes information on other sites, varying depending on season, demand and popularity.

Welcome to the dental care and prothetics clinic

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Liaoning North International Travel Service Co., Ltd (LNITS), China

    - Relaxation on the beach resorts of Weihai, Hainan, Dalian, Beidaihe
    - Treatment, recovery, cosmetic care in Dalian clinics
    - Travelling to exotic places in China

The site presents the most favorite European tourists routes.  However, this does not mean that the rest fans in China could not find here, with our help, anything new and interesting.

Get at least a resort like Weihai - ecological model for other Chinese cities. Most European tourists leave him with feelings of mild sadness, surprise and delight of the purity of sea water and air, the beauty of parks, squares and streets of the city. Excursions are also reputedly travelers just "awesome". Since the resort Weihai less familiar to European tourists, it is presented on the site more fully.

The most favorable season for a visit to:

- Hainan - from October to April (Swimming in the sea: all year round)
- Beijing - preferably: April - June, September - November
- Dalian, Weihaiй, Beifdaihe - from May to October (Swimming in the sea: June - September)  

Today's WR for abowe cities

     Туристические ресурсы рунета

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